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The innovative Squarebizz project operates on the principle of combining modern and flexible retail and warehousing space with exhibition space. In other words Work.Shop.Store.

The idea behind Squarebizz comes from extensive development experience and the project is currently active in the Czech Republic, Austria and Poland. Squarebizz follows a sustainable ecological concept.

This is reinforced by Squarebizz's primary goal of building an environment in which tenants have opportunities to operate businesses in representative, functional and modern premises.

With this flexible approach to business Squarebizz With this flexible approach to business Squarebizz has been building a reliable and sustainable platform for the B2B sector for a long time, which can also fulfil the needs of B2C thanks to its wide range of options.

Squarebizz Bratislava – Bory

Squarebizz Wien

Squarebizz Nitra

Environmentally friendly

Energy efficiency through thermal insulation, modern materials, LED lighting, green roofs, rain water usage, solar power, all contribute to the sustainability of the entire project.

Modern technologies

Charging stations for electric vehicles and high speed internet throughout the building complement the modern technologies in the building itself.

Professional approach

An international commercial real estate investor and professional property management ensure a high level of cooperation.

The uniqueness of the Squarebizz project is demonstrated by the ability to customise a representative, functional and modern space. Ecological materials in synergy with a thoughtful concept offer tenants superior warehouse, business and exhibition spaces. These advantages and more make Squarebizz an innovative project that meets all the requirements of modern business.The Squarebizz centre located near developing areas, in proximity to the main traffic arteries, and the infrastructure of the buildings itself accomodates customers and supplies. Squarebizz has grown successfully in recent years with two large facilities in Bratislava: Squarebizz Petržalka & Squarebizz Bory. The upcoming construction of Squarebizz Business Center Nitra is another continuation and proof of interest in innovations and dynamically reliable services for modern companies.

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„We were looking for spaces that are new, socially responsible and sufficiently representative. The location of the warehouse in Bratislava, its compact size and also the possibility to combine the warehouse with representative premises were decisive for us.”

Ekosklad & Fulfillment
Silvia Suliman

“We were looking for something representative enough for our headquarters, as well as big enough and flexible enough to house production, warehouse, administration and a showroom. At Squarebizz, we were struck by the fact that these are new, modern and ecological spaces.”

Matej Kitka

“Everyone would probably prefer space in the centre, but if we are realistic, we know that such large-scale premises will always only be on the outskirts of the city. The decisive factor in this distribution of real estate in larger cities is mainly accessibility. And these premises have really good accessibility both via the D2 highway and from the surrounding districts such as Dúbravka, Devínska Nová Ves, Lamač and Záhorská Bystrica. Thanks to the very rapidly developing area of Bory, the potential of the location becomes even higher.”

Matúš Kobulnický


Squarebizz Austria. Wien – Nord