ALPOD finds space for its floors in SQUAREBIZZ BORY

Alpod is the largest distributor of wooden floors in South-eastern Europe, which they export to 45 countries around the world.

Company director Mr. Marek Hatrák answered several questions about their premises in Squarebizz Bory.

Why did you select the Squarebizz project?

It is a modern showroom connected to a warehouse. A very suitable combination for the headquarters of our company.

What did your decision-making process involve? (what factors did you take into account, which benefits convinced you, etc.)

The process took longer, as we needed to enlarge the warehouse at the expense of the showroom and adapt the inserts and align our ideas about the glass walls with the construction possibilities.

Crucial aspects included:

  • visibility from the road
  • frequency of traffic on the road
  • location
  • accessibility from the highway
  • potential for future development at the site
  • neighbouring operations

Were you interested in the work shop store concept, or was the ability to make flexible use of the space important to you?

This option did not meet our requirements, so we had to adapt to the structure.

To what extent will you use the retail, warehousing and exhibition spaces?


Please, can you briefly introduce the operation and services/products that you will offer as part of the Squarebizz project?

In our showroom, we will showcase and sell floor coverings to retail customers and for project orders. At the same time, we will supply all wholesale customers in Slovakia from the warehouse.

What do you expect from the new premises?

We expect the company’s visibility to be improved, with an increase in awareness of the company and an increase in retail customers.

How do you rate Squarebizz's location?

The location is in a new, fast-growing part of Bratislava, bringing together the potential of new customers within a short reach.